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The long list of tasks to accomplish when starting a medical practice can be extremely overwhelming. This is especially true for a physician who is already maintaining a thriving practice or an entrepreneur new to the healthcare field.

The team at Medical Office Setup is here to help!

Our teach specializes in streamlining everything connected to the setup of a new practice, allowing for a fast, efficient, hassle-free project.

We handle every part of the process from finding your location, to hiring and training quality staff, to enrolling you with the insurance companies in your area. We also create policies and fee schedules, ensure you’re HIPPA compliant, setup your payroll, design your office, configure your medical billing and coding, setup electronic healthcare records, create your website and optimize it for search engines, develop your highly effective marketing plan, and every single detail in between.

Once our job is done, we hand the reigns over to a highly experienced and trained Practice Manager who will be entirely responsible for day to day operations, meaning you can sleep like a baby, happy that your investment is in safe, professional hands.

After all, an investment needing to be micro-managed is simply buying yourself a job!

The result? A fully operational healthcare practice staffed and ready to accept patients in just three months. All done for you. No headaches, no worries, just results.

With over two decades of experience in helping medical professionals, we are confident our program will fit your unique needs. Some of the vital component of our service includes:

Location Scouting

Our office location staff works directly with realtors to select the best office for your needs. We hand select the most suitable offices and propose them to you for a final decision. Once you’ve chosen your location, our expert real-real-estate negotiators work hard to secure the absolute best rates, including handsome perks such as several months free rent to keep startup costs low.

Staffing & Training

Our Senior Recruiters work diligently to assemble a quality team of top-flight, experienced professionals for your practice. We conduct the initial screening and phone interviews, then setup in-person interviews to allow you to make the final selections. Want to be hands off in the business? No problem, we’ll hire and train experienced Practice Managers who will run your day to day operations with skill and precision.

Insurance Credentialing

Insurance companies are the vital partners who reimburse your company for the services provided to patients. We partner you with all major insurance companies on your area. Whether you need credentialing for the first time or for an additional practice location, we’ve got you covered from beginning to the end! We work closely with insurance companies to get you approved in a timely manner.

Our service also includes..

  • Company formation
  • State agency registration
Professional organization enrollment
  • Business and Payroll accounts

  • Equipment Assessment 
  • Establish job duties
  • Business services
  • Review legal compliance
  • Develop necessary documentation
  • Logo & Branding
  • Domain & Website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization
Office flow & design 
  • EHR Setup  
  • Billing Setup
  • Fee schedule development
  • Policies and procedures

If you’re considering growing your current practice or starting or a new one, book a free consultation today and let’s discuss how we can get your new practice, set up!

"I would consider this agency the biggest asset to building and developing your own company and network. They are ethical, persistent and accurate and will go the extra mile. They develop strong working relationships with each entity and are proactive in their approach."

H. Bridgeman

                 CEO, A.T.S.

"I personally found them to be very pleasant, brilliant, communicative, and thorough. Highly recommended to anyone interested in an viable entrepreneurial venture."

Justin Q.

Business Owner, MD.

"One of the most honest companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were such great helps, almost a mentor in the field and I truly appreciate that. They were an invaluable resource and I'm confident that if I ever need advice I know I can come to them. Extremely helpful and a delight to deal with."

Tariq Amin

Business Owner, NY

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