Fee Schedule Assessment

fee schedule assessment

Fee schedules are the most subjective things in all of healthcare and can swing wildly from provider to provider, as well as facility to facility.

At MOS, we help you evaluate your fee schedule and determine how you can change it to increase your profits. We also provide oversight of your payers’ contracts to guarantee you don’t miss any changes.

As experts in medical billing, we frequently see practices that have overlooked fee schedules for far too long. Oftentimes, the result is a significant loss in revenue, but sometimes the consequences are even worse. Failure to stay on top of fee schedules could result in a loss of patients, an audit, penalties, and/or a massive back up from delayed claims.

Insurance companies change their fee schedules continually. Some update them annually, others quarterly. Let us we help you keep your practice running at maximum efficiency with an optimized, efficient fee schedule.

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