The Unspoken Truth: A Multi -million dollar "blackhole" that's silently siphoning money out of successful healthcare practices ...and why providers aren't doing anything about it



I’m going to reveal WHY successful health care providers might not be that “successful.”

It’s common belief that providers with thriving private practices can’t do any better. After all, there’s a steady flow of clients calling to set up appointments, money is rolling in, and numbers don’t lie at the end of the day; if the balance is positive, then everything’s fine, right?

Well unfortunately, that's not necessarily true... and here’s why:

There’s a hidden and insidious threat that’s secretly “stealing” obscene amounts of money from successful healthcare providers and mauling their bottom line with almost zero detection. If you’re a somewhat successful provider with a private practice or agency, you NEED to read this...

You’re in for a huge wake up call.


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Late last fall, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Carl.

Carl was a super “successful” and friendly health care provider who happened to own several thriving behavioral health agencies in my area.

There was no doubt...

He was a very smart, hard-working, and ambitious guy.

After chatting with him for a while, I could instantly see why someone like him would crank out impressive numbers at the end of each month.

Quite frankly, I was impressed. 

Carl was able to start from scratch and build up an uber-successful, money-generating healthcare business in just a few years.

“Stefani, why don’t you come to my practice? This way I can show you how I run things here.”

Naturally, I gladly accepted his offer.

I really wanted to see how truly successful his practice was.

A few days after our meeting I went to his practice and I was introduced to the people working there -- all of them super amicable and professional.

Most of his staff were doing their typical 9-5 shift and seemed extremely efficient (there was no doubt they were solidly contributing to the practice’s apparent success and helping Carl make money).

One thing that caught my attention, is that the phone didn’t stop ringing during my whole visit there -- every health care provider’s dream.

Since Carl didn’t have a heavy workload that day, he patiently showed me the whole practice, and after an express tour,

he showed me what I was most interested in:


At a quick glance, everything seemed O.K.

Carl was making a healthy $100,000 per week, by all accounts a great indicative of a practice that’s cranking out awesome numbers.

But, almost immediately, I spotted a few errors that would be undetectable to the untrained eye that were literally decimating his income...

and making him leave tremendous amounts of money off the table.

In fact, this is the same kind of insidious and panic inducing error that’s creeping in nearly every success practice in this country...

...And that can literally break an otherwise successful practice in no time flat.

Trust me, over 90% of health care providers in this country are victims of this multi-million dollar “monster” that steals and feeds on their hard won profits.

And the worst part, it almost always goes undetected until it's too late. 

Now, in just few moments, we’ll get back to what happened with Carl and his practice, but first,
I’d like to address a real, worrying problem that might be directly affecting YOU and your practice.



1. Most successful providers aren’t truly as successful as they think.

2. You can have a practice that’s thriving, but there’s a profit-vampire costing you embarrassing amounts of money -- everyday. (I’ll talk more about this on the next page, so click on the “Continue” button above.)

3. If you continue doing things the same way you’ve done them up until now, you’re leaving BIG money on the table and setting yourself up for huge failure down the line. Don’t fall for this trap!

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