The Unspoken Truth: A Multi -million dollar "blackhole" that's silently siphoning money out of successful healthcare practices ...and why providers aren't doing anything about it


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 We’d Like To Help YOU To Attain Similar Results... And Make Your Thriving Practice Even MORE Successful!

You see, we have over 20 years of medical billing and revenue cycle management experience -- and during this time we saw ourselves not just as “another” company or vendor trying to sell their services...

But more as a secret weapon that will save you many, many headaches... and will help you make your profits soar.

It’s not our intention to just fix things, but empower YOUR team to avoid similar problems in the future, permanently strengthening your business.

And ensuring you always get paid every cent due to you for your efforts.

Our mission... our core value is to keep things streamlined with efficiency so that your practice is ALWAYS running at maximum profitability.

In other words...

We are here to help your business THRIVE

And trust me...

When you’re able to recover over $70,000,000 for save doctors and health providers over the years... it’s more than clear that we’re doing something right.

This is not us bragging or tooting our own horn, but it’s the numbers that are speaking for themselves... And, at the end of the day, they don’t lie!

Here’s What We Can Do For You....

Our proprietary solution begins with a Full-Sale RCM assessment unlike anything else, designed to sniff out undetected revenue cycle issues and quickly convert those problems into increased revenue in less than 7 days.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Our expert team spends 10 full days conducting a line by line human review of your most recent Explanation of Benefits from the past 365 days. Throughout this process, we identify any consistent errors which occurred during the submission process that can be corrected. We most often find that there is a recurring trend of denial reasons amongst payers that have consistently gone unresolved. By identifying these trends and resolving the claims, we recover any missing money.  We don’t leave it to software or automated services. We go the extra mile to find what software miss. In this short period alone we generally recover thousands of dollars for our clients --- money they never knew was missing.
  2. The next point of interest during the assessment is to review your coding. In this phase, we determine if your coding is based on appropriate guidelines and that confirm you are receiving maximum reimbursement for every service you provide. We also look for recoupment notifications to determine if any insurance companies are asking you to pay money back for services billed or rendered incorrectly. All of this is done to ensure your practice is running a clean first submission process. Ultimately, we want to ensure your office is in the habit of scrubbing your claims thoroughly before submission, resulting in claims being paid correctly on the first submission.
  3. Once we have reviewed your charts, coding and billing, we will then submit any claims we are able to re-bill within the assessment period. We will conclude this phase by presenting our findings to you in a final report which will includes any recommendations of further or continued action. If everything is good and we can't add further value, we'll tell you that, too. 
  4. No need to replace your current billing solution or incur additional costs by hiring more staff. We supercharge your practice’s efficiency and dramatically increase profits without disrupting your operations or alienating your staff. Our goal is to make sure you are always operating at maximum profitability.
  5.  In a nutshell, you get an affordable, business-transforming service that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but will pay for itself many, many times over!
Plainly put, we produce rapid, measurable results for your business.


I would consider this agency the biggest asset toward building and developing your own Agency and network. They are ethical, persistent and accurate and will go the extra mile to ensure that every cent you earn is
billed and collected. They  develop strong working relationships with each
entity and is proactive in approach which avoids issues and delays with remittances.”


Hazel Bridgeman



One of the most honest companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were such great helps, and almost a mentor in the field and I truly appreciate that. They were an invaluable resource and I'm confident that if I ever need help I know I can come to them. Extremely helpful and a delight to deal with. 


Tariq Amin


Brilliant gets the job done every time without any hiccups, you’ll find every dollar due to you.

I’ve been a happy customer for 11 years.”


Dwayne Gardner

Now, as you can see, there are endless benefits when you decide to get help from a professional team with many years of experience “in the trenches.”

And the best part is, we’re not here just to make money.


We truly love what we do and want to genuinely help successful practice owners bringing home every dime they work so hard for, and put a stop to them losing money over and over again!

Are You Going To Keep Losing Money?

Request An Invite Below And Let’s See If We’re A Good Fit!

Quite frankly...

We could write pages and pages about how good we are for YOUR practice.

In fact, thanks to us, hundreds upon of hundreds of health care professionals have recouped truckloads of money -- But I want to make something very clear here.

We’re not “just another” revenue cycle management company.

And unfortunately, we don’t just work with anyone.

In fact, in the past, we’ve turned down clients because we didn’t feel we were a good fit.

We ONLY work with those who are committed to a long-term successful practice.

And once the doors open for those health care providers who are lucky enough to work with us, things start to radically change for the better for their practices.

So, truth be told:

I can’t guarantee that we’ll work together.

We always prefer working with a reduced number of highly-motivated people so that we can focus on offering the BEST possible service.

That means that spots are very limited.

So the first things we ned to do is learn more about you and ask a few questions so that we can better understand your practice.  Then, ONLY if it’s a good fit, we’ll invite you to work with us towards a better and more profitable practice.

Our sole desire is to make sure this is literally the single most profitable investment you’ve ever made for your business, period.

And we'll work tirelessly to make that happen.

In fact, we are so confident this will be one of the best investments of your life, we are prepared to prove it with our iron-clad guarantee below.

But ultimately, this is up to you.

You can stay where you are. Comfortable. Stagnant.

Or you can click the big button below, request an invitation to speak with team, and start claiming the revenue you should be earning, today.

Whatever you decide, I’d like to conclude with a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. I know you’re extremely busy and your time is valuable.

- Stefani
CEO & Co-Founder 


Our rCM Assessment Will Directly Improve Your Revenue Cycle or We'll Immediately Pay You $500 To Compensate You For Wasting Your Time.

We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is, because we know when we work together you’ll be nothing less than thrilled with the results we get for your business, period. 
See you on the other side! 

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