The Unspoken Truth: A Multi -million dollar "blackhole" that's silently siphoning money out of successful healthcare practices ...and why providers aren't doing anything about it


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PART 3:  How To Stop The “Money Bleeding” And Increase Your Profits By At Least 30%! 
(Without ANY Additional Effort On You Or Your Staff’s Part)

In just a few moments I’ll get to the juicy part of this section.

That is, how you can finally increase your revenue and take your successful practice into the stratosphere -- without putting in extra work.

And, without making your staff kill themselves with working extra hours.

Also, there won’t be any reason to hire new staff and spend more money.

As I explained before, that’s a business-killing idea that will lead nowhere.

Pay attention...

Shortly I’ll reveal to you a unique, business saving solution that has helped over 50 providers recoup more than sum of $70,000,000 in the past 10 years.

Yes -- that’s a staggering amount of money.

And that’s money that would’ve otherwise been lost.

Now... Remember Carl?

Well, let’s quickly get back to his story...

If you recall, while I was in Carl’s practice, he showed me some numbers.

And, if you’ve paid attention while reading, his was making the not-to-shabby amount of $100k per week (very impressive, by the way).

BUT (and here comes the BIG but...)

There was something wrong.

While digging into his billing, I spotted numerous errors... that were costing money.

Yes, although his practice was doing great, he was losing money.

In fact, you won’t believe this but...

He was losing over $60,000 per week!

Now, can you imagine?

That’s over $240,000 in one whole month.

Burning that kind of money is surely painful, isn’t?

After pointing out to him the more-than-obvious mistakes in the way he was doing billing, I decided to help him and make sure that the money-bleeding out of the business would finally stop... for good.

We Started To Work Together... And Magic Happened!

We helped him look over his billing and discovered a hidden problem; he thought he was missing around $130,000... but in reality, he was missing over $400,000.

Almost half a million dollars!

Clearly, this amount of money is VERY significant to ANY practice, don’t you agree?

The problem is that many other practices refuse to let a second set of eyes take a look at their billing.

And there’s a good reason for this:

Either they are ultra-confident that their staff has it already handled and figured out and they’re not leaving money on the table...


They just simply don’t want to offend their staff or billing agency by adding another member to the team, when, in reality, most of the time their staff is relieved to have the extra hand.

And the same goes for billing agencies: they don’t have absolutely nothing to lose by having someone having a second look.

Anyway, going back to Carl’s story...

All in all, we were able to recover more than $200,000 for him -- a gigantic amount of money that would have been lost otherwise.

We tried to recover more (there was over a half-million dollars!), but it wasn’t possible because the timely filing deadlines had already passed.

That’s why I was emphasizing earlier that it is essential to  switch your “How much a I making” mentality to a “How much am I losing” mentality immediately.

It’s critical and it’ll allow you to make even MORE money in the long run!

Needless to say, nowadays, Carl is still working hand in hand with us and has no plans to stop for the foreseeable future.

Which will bring us to the next step....

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